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The book release event for “Our Mr. Kelley-A Lifetime of Coaching and Caring” was a resounding success!- Hundreds lined up inside (and outside) Rocco’s Restaurant to meet Mr. Kelley and the book’s author Rick Cooke.
If a Wilmington High School class would like to plan a book party-or have Mr. Kelley bring books to their reunion, they can contact Rick Cooke at rcooke1717@yahoo.com

The book also is available online for $20.00 at frankkelleybook.com with a portion of the proceeds to the Kelley Family Scholarship at Wilmington High School.

Our Mr. Kelley
A story so good it had to be told

WILMINGTON – There was a long line at Rocco’s Restaurant on Thursday night, and it wasn’t for pizza. Hundreds of people turned out for a signing party for the new book, “Our Mr. Kelley.” With the parking lot filled to capacity, and beyond, people were parking on the side streets behind the restaurant and in the lot across Route 38.

It could have been a scene from a Hollywood movie. Frank Kelley sat at a table in Rocco’s solarium at the head of a never-ending line of people, signing books and greeting former students. From time to time, he would turn his head and exclaim, “Oh boy! Oh boy!”

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